How to Win at Craps: Strategies, Tips and Secrets

How to Win at Craps and Hit the Big Time

Craps is a popular game which is played with a very low house advantage. This fact increases winning opportunities for the gambler. Make the bet before the dice roll and take you chance to win. But still, some bets can do serious harm to the bankroll. Before you start playing, get familiar with the game basics and the rules. Make sure you have a good craps strategy and know how to win at Craps table and lower the house edge here.

The aim of this review is to give some useful tips for winning. Today lots of iPad, tablet and PC owners using Android, iOS and other systems are wondering how to win at Craps. No matter what system your device is running, the following tips are universal and can help anyone.

Betting Strategies Helping to Win

Most of the strategies deal with betting methods. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Your pass and come bets should be kept at minimum, then make up the rest of the wagers by laying the odds.
  • The most effective bets for making money are Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come, the Place 6, Place 8, Field 2 and 12. If you pick them up, the house edge will only be about 1.40%.
  • Proposition bets are made on the next dice roll and very risky but still, offer good payouts. Make them if you are lucky enough.
  • Try to avoid making the wagers which offer worse conditions for you. For example, hard-way 4 or 10 have a house advantage of 11 %.
  • There is a number of Craps strategies. In order to understand better how they work, we recommend you to read some articles or watch some videos.

    How to Win at Craps: Tips and Secrets

    A soon as you find out some Craps secrets, you can make things go well for you. The secrets which can help you win at Craps are:

    • Control the dice roll.
    • Think of your budget any time you play. Treat any gaming session as a way of entertaining rather than money-making method. Set you limits for win and loss.
    • Deposit the most beneficial wagers which can reduce the house edge and increase your odds. Make the low-edge bets and avoid one-roll proposition bets.
    • Watch the game played by experienced gamblers who know how to win at Craps. Try to understand the basics of the game.
    • Choose the most profitable Craps variations. For example, Simplified Craps is perfect for beginners, Crapless Craps provides better winning chances.
    • Be ready to quit in due time if you see you are losing. The payout structure is mathematically designed to make profit for the casino. If you play long enough, you always lose your cash.

    All in all, gamblers who want to know how to win at Craps every time, should follow these tips but remember that strategy is only half the battle. It’s impossible to predict the roll outcome. You can win, if you get lucky.

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