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xaeth - Tuesday, Aug 2, 2011, 12:58 AM

Things went great. Like our birthday 'card' for Linux?

We had a pretty good turn-out with around 20-25 in attendance.

Big thanks to Jon Kelley for organizing this party with Rackspace
and getting all the hamburgers, hotdogs, and fixings. Thanks also to
Don Wright for bringing Linux oriented videos. All those attending
did a good job with the side dishes and snacks.

When: August 27th at 6-8PM

Where: Rackspace, the normal meeting location; 5000 Walzem, at the Racker Rally Room (the typical garage/meeting area)

Why: To socialise and celebrate Linux day. *Linux*® *Day* is a global celebration of *Linux's* 20th anniversary.
  • You can bring your own beer.

  • Please bring potluck items if possible, I will purchase burgers and buns and cheese, etc [ A grill is available ] [ I also encourage cookies, chocolate cake, brownies and salads as I like to eat those and so do other people. ]

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