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Team 8layertech and KahelOS
mmara - Tuesday, Jul 26, 2011, 11:31 PM

Team 8layer and Team KahelOS celebrates with the whole world to commemorate that one spark, the Linux that was, and 20 years later. We will celebrate and salute the unimaginable bounties and wonders this unselfish seed and deed has sprouted and continue to bring value to those who are open to its Philosophy and tenets.

Unit 503 Seven East Capitol Bldg.
#7 East Capitol Drive, Corner Sta. Rosa Street,
Kapitolyo 1603
Pasig City, Philippines



What Linux managed to imprint and instill in the minds and hearts of Linux users then and now is the concept of “new and fresh” even after 20 years. Yes, it’s the 20th year of Linux and there is nothing left to do but be grateful and celebrate how this noble yet magnanimous spark that led to that “big bang of sorts” of innovations and wonders.

Fresh ideas and innovation manifested by a handful thousands of distros contributed and developed by the community all around the world that even Linus Torvalds himself would have never imagined on his own.

At our 8OHQ, the Celebration of the Linux Day- 20th Year gave way also to the launching of the KahelOS LiveCD Edition fresh from the KahelOS Lab and the introduction of the new KahelOS mascot, the Tarsier.

Apart from Meric and Jasper’s sharing of this Filipino Distro, there were also presentations on linux updates, linux development and on mobile as well. The Linux timelines and package management concepts were likewise discussed.

It was a rainy but fruitful afternoon for some IT students of WCST and PUP as linux experts and pratitioners provided them with useful and meaningful insights to arm them not only in while they are still students but when they graduate and stand before the real world.

Fun games and fun singing time awaited the student attendees while Linux day and KahelOS button pins have been distributed while sharing snacks and laughter too. With these kinds of event, it is fun to meet new people and friends too… to add to your FB roster of acquaintances. :-)

Special Thanks and Credits

West Capitol School of Technology for hosting and supporting this year’s Linux Event with 8layer and KahelOS team.

Our appreciation and thanks to Mr. Daniel Escasa, Mr. Lawrz Libo-on, Mr.Macoy Mejia, Mr. James Milo, Mr.Bheng Avila,Mr. Aleck Rivera and to Ms. Katrine Decano, one of our recent OJT’s who shared what she acquired at 8layer.

KahelOS Community and Team 8liens for the Food and Freebies and sharing their time and skills for the success of the event.

Contact Information
Meric B. Mara
Deng Silorio

Email: linuxday-at-8layertech-dot-com

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